I added a CSS border. Why isn’t it showing?

June 9th, 2009 - No Responses

When tutoring, I run into this issue all the time.

“I have a color and a width for my border. Why isn’t it showing up?”

You must specify border-style. (You probably want it to be solid).

Believe it or not, the default value for border-style is none. So if you haven’t specified a style, you have no border at all!

Values other than solid you can use for border-style:



double (Border width must be 3px or greater)

groove (Width at least 2px)

ridge (Width at least 2px)

inset (Width at least 2px)

outset (Width at least 2px)

ASP.NET, SQLDataSources, and null parameters

September 5th, 2008 - One Response

Using a stored procedure in your SQLDataSource? Good! Trying to pass blank parameters? Trouble!

If your stored procedure needs to be able to accept null values or blank strings, set the CancelSelectOnNullParameter property of the data source to false.

Otherwise, passing an empty value to a parameter will cancel your data access, leaving you wondering why certain queries work and others don’t.